The Team

Our team members are amazingly skilled and hard-working. Our advisors are often the world's experts in the technologies we are using. The team is made up of programmers, artists, financial wizards, and creators of all types.

Active team members

These are the people who are currently most active in building the site. Many other great people have helped in the past.

Julian Cash, GEO - Geek Executive Officer, President
Julian is a programmer, a project manager, and a business analyst. He is also a professional photographer and illustrator. Julian has taken photographs at technical conventions such as OSCON 09, foocamp, OSCON 6, OSCON 5, MySQL 2009, MySQL 2008, MySQL, and Apache Con. His books of technical communities are available. He comes from a family of artists (mother, father, sister, brother, and wife) and a community of artists.
Jos Boumans
Jos is a long time Perl developer, “testing bigot” and QA zealot. He’s responsible for several dozen CPAN modules, including CPANPLUS and Archive::Tar and contributed roughly 2% of the code in the current Perl core.
John B. Lowe
John is a world class search expert. He was a Senior Engineer and VP of Language Engineering at Ask Jeeves. He was Manager of Knowledge Resources at Powerset (which sold for 100 million to Microsoft). He has been working with Linguistics and Search since the 70's.
David Llopis
Davel has the virtual machines, the intranet, DNS, email, bug tracking, SSL, (and anything else we need) documented beautifully and purring like kittens. Davel is also a strategist, a database designer, an API builder, and a programmer.
Randal Alan Smith
Randal works miracles with CSS. He makes browser cross compatibility look easy. He is also a detail oriented graphic designer, UI designer and strategist. Check out Randal's beautiful portrait photography.
Jackie Cash
Jackie is an editor, writer, and illustrator. Whether it's user testing, researching the markets, resourcing provisions, wielding her writing skills, analyzing contracts, or doodling, Jackie's wonderful influence continues to help the project to thrive.
Devin Crain
Devin is a Perl programmer and is remarkably great at figuring out whatever needs to be done.
Adam Waters

Adam is currently transitioning from being full time, to being an advisor. This is needed given a recent amazing change in his life.


Adam is a financial and business genius, as well as a technical whiz. Building amazing businesses is his passion. He thrives on creativity and community.

Adam served as VP of Engineering for iAsiaWorks (NASDAQ: IAWK). Adam served on the Technical Advisory Committee to the CalREN2 Internet2 network, as Chief Network Engineer for GeoNet Communications (acquired by Level3), as CEO of Vedacore, an ICANN accredited registrar (acquired by Enom), in network operations for InterNex Information Systems (acquired by NTT), and as a technical consultant for Newbridge Capital, iVillage, the San Francisco Chronicle, and others.

Joe Erickson
Joe is a multitalented web developer. He is quite skilled at using JavaScript to convince web browsers to do magical things.
Ivan Cash
Ivan is an art director and web designer. He has a knack for figuring out what's good and bad about any site. Ivan has worked on the user interface, graphic design, strategizing, and research.
Eso is a perfectionist. If things are out of place, changes must be made. She is the lead QA tester. She also does web design and various Photoshop work.
Sheeri K. Cabral
Sheeri, author of MySQL Administrator's Bible, helps perfect the database design, and keeps the database running beautifully. She has repeatedly won the MySQL Community Advocate of the Year Award. She is running MySQL Camp 2009.
Ben Random
Ben can make Java fly. He is also great at brainstorming and he rides his bike at remarkable speeds.


These are just some of the many advisers helping to guide the project.

Brian Aker
Brian has worked on various Apache modules, helped create Slashdot, and numerous storage engines for the MySQL database. Brian is the Director of Architecture at MySQL AB. He is currently working on Drizzle and Gearman.
Jeremy Bornstein
Jeremy is a Collaborative Filtering expert who helped Apple to attain several pattents. A visionary technologist and high-performance systems architect. Serial entrepreneur with a focus on areas where new developments make novel businesses feasible. Proven builder and leader of highly effective teams. Demonstrated ability to recruit, motivate, and inspire technical staff. Builder of engineering organizations which collaborate effectively with the entire business.
Artur Bergman
Artur Bergman, is the director of engineering at Wikia where he provides the technical backbone necessary for Wikia’s mission to compile and index the world’s knowledge. He a board member of the OpenID Foundation. In past lives, he’s built high volume financial trading systems, re-implemented Perl 5’s threading system, wrote djabberd, managed LiveJournal’s engineering team, and served as operations architect at Six Apart. His current interests extend to encompass semantic search, large scale infrastructure, open source development, and federated instant messaging.
Erik Hatcher
Erik is the author of Lucene in Action. He is very active in the library and Open Source communities. He contributes to numerous Open Source projects, frequently writing articles, and speaking at industry events. Erik is one of the founders of Lucid Imagination.
Grant Ingersoll
Grant is a committer on the Lucene Java project and a member of the Lucene PMC. Grant has used Lucene and Solr for implementing many different search and text-based application, including cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) systems, commercial question answering (QA), sentiment analysis, and collection analysis. Grant is one of the founders of Lucid Imagination.
brian d foy
brian is the publisher and editor of The Perl Review. He is co-author of several books on Perl including Learning Perl and Intermediate Perl. He is also the founder of Perl Mongers.
Zak Greant
Zak is an evangelist, strategist, author, and speaker who is active in Free Software and Open Source communities. He is the author of MySQL Phrasebook and PHP Functions Essential Reference.
Joshua Weinberg
Joshua is the president of The Digital Life Consulting Group. Since 1989 Josh Weinberg has helped companies introduce successful technology products to the consumer marketplace, drawing on his extensive professional launch, product advising and public relations experience as well as his deep technical knowledge.
Mark Atwood
Mark Atwood is a Senior Technology Advisor for for Sun Microsystems. He contributes to the Drizzle high performance web and cloud scale database project. He is the author of a storage engine for Amazon AWS. He is a coauthor of the OAuth Core specification, and is a contributor to technologies such as OpenID, Microformats, OTP, and SNMP.
David Davis
David Davis is a JavaScript and Perl engineer. There are other folks who use JavaScript, but David is an expert at well thought out, properly engineered and implemented solutions. David has also submitted a variety of Perl modules to CPAN.
Brian Behlendorf
Brian is a technologist, programmer, and an important figure in the Open Source software movement. He was a primary developer of the Apache Web server, and a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation. Behlendorf is currently a Director of CollabNet.


Also see the people who have invested in the project.