We are live! The site is Take a look. Try it out. Import some pictures. Make a collection or two. Have fun! And tell us what you think.

What's next?

You can look at some of the next short term features we have planned.

What you see now on is just the beginning. We will be continuing to evolve. We have grand plans that we are busy coding which go well beyond image bookmarking. Expect great things in the future!

Our roots

It all began in 2000 when Julian filled dozens of notebooks with ideas that later turned into a wide array of technical specifications. Skilled people then helped refine the concepts and write the needed code.

We formally incorporated in 2006. Many of our initial plans proved prophetic in the marketplace with sites like flickr, Digg, YouTube, iTunes, facebook, iStockphoto, ffffound, and The Human Creativity Project will interoperate with other sites to help creators.