This is not business as usual. This will not be just another website.


  • Radically empower creators. Protect and serve the community.
  • Clean and easy to use design.
  • Innovative, yet intuitive solutions.
  • Have Fun! Spread joy!
  • Be financially wise and fair.
  • Give back to the community the value that the community creates.
  • Give people control of their own data, content, and preferences.
  • Extreme democracy. Everybody has a say. The community wields true power.
  • Provide a personalized experience.


The Internet is still in its infancy. It's easy to see that photography, television, the music industry and the publishing world are undergoing monumental changes. We are building a platform which will be at the forefront, guiding these changes. We will be working to ensure that the new system is better for creators and those who enjoy creativity.

Creators have historically have a difficult time finding their audience. The internet has untapped potential to globally connect people with creative works they love. We will provide that connection. We will help creators to share their work with the world. We will help them to find their audience. Professional creators inevitably struggle to earn an income. We will join forces and help to improve the financial outlook for creators by introducing a number of ways to realistically earn money.


We are artists ourselves. We will always do that which benefits the creators most. Our goal is to radically empower creators, and thereby make the world a better place. We will follow in the footsteps of organizations like the Mozilla Foundation by truly putting the community first.


Before long, we will introduce a series of interconnected social and technological solutions that will fix the key problems creators face. Despite the often simple intuitive approaches, many of these solutions are new, and together they will result in far-reaching positive change. Some of our solutions reflect the visionary ideas expressed in this article.