Join the team

You can get involved on the ground floor, making a revolutionary platform for finding, sharing, and selling the best creativity. We will be fixing key problems in multibillion dollar industries.

We are currently looking for

  • Catalyst Perl programmers - You will be developing Catalyst Perl code. Must write quality Perl code. Should have experience with DBIx, Template Toolkit, and other technologies that we are built on. The existing site is elegantly implemented with commented code, unit tests, and a friendly system for moving from development to production.
  • A startup business expert - You should have successfull experiences making the business side of startups function.
  • User Interface design expert - Are you great at knowing just what users will find intuitive? If so, this just might be the right team for you.

About you

You can tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one. You are willing to work hard on ideas you believe in. You are motivated by more than just money. You enjoy working with a team. You are honest. You have integrity. You are dependable. You enjoy being alive.

Programmers on the team should enjoy crafting beautiful code. You should be familiar with much of the Open Source technology that we are built on.


If you help code and move the project forward, you will own part of the company.

We do have some seed funding which primarily came from technology experts. It covers the bills, but we have yet to achieve the stage where we can directly pay the team. We plan to be able to pay a salary reasonably soon.

Your work matters! Wondrous social, technological, and financial goodness will come from this project. You will be building something historic which will make millions of people happy!

If this sounds interesting, say "hi".

Angel investors

Angel investment is a great way to participate in the project. For a more on this, look at Investing.