Would you like to make a great return on your investment? We are adding features quickly, growing the team, and growing our user base. Our site is still young, but it's growing up fast and is on the verge of skyrocketing.

The site we are building will evolve to dramatically improve how people search for creative content and will radically empower creators. We are building a platform that will become a thriving marketplace. The world of creative digital content is undergoing monumental changes. We will be at the forefront of those changes, providing the best technical, financial, and social solutions.

We have new social approaches and disruptive technology which will result in an improved experience for both consumers and creators. Our path to providing significant value and revenue is clear.

We will be using several strategies to help ensure viral growth. We will not settle for linear growth.

We had a successful first round of funding, which was closed out with an investment from David Axmark, MySQL founder. We are now starting the second round of funding.

Our initial funding primarily came from the very people who wrote the Open Source technology that we're using. Our list of funders include the primary developer of mod_perl2 and the founders of MySQL AB. MySQL AB sold to Sun Microsystems for 1 billion. There are also other Angels who we are not listing publicly. We are represented by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP law firm.

The project is designed to be quite profitable while empowering artists and creators. If you might be interested in investing, please contact us.

Investors (partial list)

We are extremely proud that The Human Creativity Project has attracted investors who have great financial instincts and who truly value creativity and community.

David Axmark
David is a cofounder of MySQL AB. David's leadership and insight helped make MySQL the most popular open source database in the world and led to the successes of MySQL AB. David was helping to lead the community and the engineering efforts at MySQL AB when it sold to Sun Microsystems.
Stas Bekman
Stas was the primary programmer for mod_perl2. He wrote Practical mod_perl and mod_perl2 User's Guide Book. He has written many beneficial CPAN modules, Perl modules, and Perl scripts.
Michael Widenius
Monty is the main author of the original version of the Open Source MySQL database and a cofounder of the MySQL AB company. He was the CTO of MySQL AB when it sold to Sun Microsystems. Monty recently founded Open Ocean, a very non traditional venture capital company which invests in disruptive technology start ups.
Monty has also formed Monty Program Ab which is working on MariaDB, a community developed version of MySQL. Monty Program Ab is pioneering the 'Hacking business model' where the employees are working for themselves.

If you might be interested in investing, please contact us.