Are you somebody who enjoys creativity? We are building you the ultimate playground. We are creating an online environment which will help creative people to thrive. We are here for the creators. The artists, photographers, writers, musicians, and videographers.

The website

We launched creative.ly, which lets you collect the creative images that you like most from the web. Making and browsing collections of images can be especially enjoyable. The site is friendly and fun. And before long, we will add tools to help artists share and manage their own creations. The site that's live is great, but this is only the beginning of the world we are creating.

On the horizon

Creative content is everywhere, but if you follow the money trail, the artists are inevitably being treated unfairly.   We will be fixing this.  First we've created a fun site for searching, collecting, and finding creativity on the Internet. This is in place, and is continuing to grow. Sool we will start implementing our revolutionary plans improving search and discovery of creative content. Then we add a marketplace.  We've done the business and financial planning with care. We have better technology and social solutions.  Artists get the lions share of the profit.  And the site will help connect consumers with what they actually want most.  We solve a variety of efficiency and social problems with fun fairly intuitive, yet underutilized solutions. 

We will be the best, most innovative site for finding and sharing creative content. Creators will be given essential tools they have been missing. We will help artists connect with their audience. When creators want to sell their creations, we will offer realistic easy options. The community will enjoy new ways of having a great time with the art and each other.